3 BS Myths About Weight Loss

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I thought about this for awhile and I didn’t feel like I should address this topic but it’s getting hot outside and you and I know that it is time to get in that mini dress and for the men, a nice white beater to look good in so I said “screw it!! Let’s do it.
Well, you and I know that we will try anything to lose weight fast. For example, water or tea diet, fruit diet, diet pills, no eating after 7pm you name it we done it (I know I have).
I have spent $$$ on exercise tapes, reading books and watching  videos finding ways to get those calories burning.  Now don’t get me wrong they do work but for how long? After working out with the exercise tapes for a week, I wind up putting those tapes to the side to collect dust, turn on my cable trying to catch up on “My Walking Dead”.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, I chose 3 BS myths about weight loss. I know it’s more than the 3 I chose but this is based on my experience. However, everyone is different so please share your top three BS weight loss myths. I would love to hear it.

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1. Diet Supplements

The diet supplement industry is expanding rapidly!
If you go to the weight loss websites you will see all kinds of diet supplements they are promoting and some supplements are not affordable.
Some dietary supplements do work but after awhile using these supplements your body get immune to them and they won’t be that effective as they were when you start taking them.
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2 .Beverage Diet

I think the beverage diet (water or tea) is one of the most dangerous diets to do.  I tried this diet because I saw celebrities and watch YouTubers do it for weeks at a time and succeed.  Well, let me tell you! I lasted two days.  I almost passed out!  I was getting dizzy, bad headaches and my stomach were growling terribly.
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 3. Eating Less

Eating less will not help you lose weight, you will create cravings to eat more then you will gain all that weight back.
To lose weight, you need to intake more calories to leave your fat cells
However, eating less is not a good way of losing weight, you can position your body to get into the starvation phase that will make you eat more so I highly do not recommend eating less.
This information I have provided to you is based on my experience.  However, please share what are your 3 BS myths of weight loss?